If it took me three hours to make a pizza; but it only...

    Digital art is a lesser form of art then traditional art

    Rebuttal overview- First; My opponent has not upheld his burden by offering any constructive arguments for Traditional Art; thus the maximum benefit he can hope to achieve is a tie. Second; My opponent's refutations also does not refute the argumentation behind my own constructive claims. that said, I will now move on to my opponent's refutations Traditional art is expensive- First my opponent makes a very general and vague statement in refutation of this argument. First; this debate's realm is not solely quality, but whether or not Digital art is lesser than traditional art, thus since price is a huge part of this (as many artists are not rich) price is a huge factor in determining this debate. Traditional art is limiting- First my opponent offers a logical fallacy here. he claims that if something takes longer to make, then it will be of a higher quality. This is utterly not true! If it took me three hours to make a pizza; but it only took a master chef 30 minutes, my pizza doesn't taste any better because I took longer on it. Ultimately it comes down to the skill of the artist to which is better. That said, the undeniable truth that traditional art is limiting (which Pro never denies) is still true Digital art is cheap- My opponent extended his attacks on this contention (and utterly ignored what I was saying here) so I will simply extend the same defense as on my first point. Digital art can emulate traditional technique- Again, this debate is not solely about quality (yet another logical fallacy of my opponent). And even if it where, his backing behind this argument is flawed because it make the claim that digital art is not real art by comparing it to counterfeit money. Digital art is difficult to master- The attack my opponent makes here is non-viable. First; the limitations are different, thus not comparable. Just as an apple and an orange are different and not comparable Second; Here I'm talking about mastering the style, not fixing a mistake. Just because a person knows how to use an eraser (Fix a mistake) does not mean that becoming a Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Picasso, or Monet is easy. My opponent's attacks here are based on faulty assumptions. Now going down, my opponent presents no counter arguments for me to attack; thus if even one of my points remains true I must win by default until my opponent makes a case for traditional art.