On dictionary.com, vandalism is described as willful or...

    Graffiti is art

    On dictionary.com, vandalism is described as willful or ignorant destruction of artistic or literary treasures. So once again vandalism and graffiti are destruction of art not production of art. "Ergo, graffiti is a hated, misjudged form of art." -It is hated because it destroys art, otherwise aren't we supposed to look at art fondly? If graffiti is photoshop it is the 'erase button' and thus is not art. Even if it was function of photo shop it cannot be art itself so this photoshop option is very out of place. In round 3 your analogy of old and new artists is very unuseful and is off-topic. Being afraid and whether graffiti is art are not at all related and only put confusion to your conclusion. And to correct your last sentence in round 3- So in conclusion, graffiti is a form of spontaneous dangerous crime that is only excepted by few who are in the same criminal profession.

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